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47 jg Madanna Lillies, 48x38 batik on si

Through the eye of a needle one can see all of the world that is relevant. Such is the case with Gloucester, Massachusetts for me. It is my focus and my home. Its gardens, shoreline and extraordinary light are dazzling and exciting. I express this excitement in Batik and Silk Dye  paintings.​

Judith Goetemann 2006

Artist Statement

My art is driven by three major interests: an intimate relationship with subject matter; the use of unique media such as Batik and Silk dyes; and the cultural connections between past world cultures and contemporary ideas.

What I make comes from personal experience and copious research.  Currently I am creating direct dye painting on silk.  The thrust of this effort is to capture the naturalistic complexity of large gardens in the context of landscape.  The treatment of flowers and their patterned organizations are analagous to mille-fleur Flemish medievil tapestries that I adapted to Batik in the past.

Judith Goetemann 2004

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